Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 30th.

February 1832 Wednesday. 1st.

Tuesday. 31st. CFA


Tuesday. 31st. CFA
Tuesday. 31st.

Morning pleasant. I went to the Office as usual and did not occupy myself much. My mind was running upon the possibility of obtaining a Newspaper or some employment in order to write and secure me an occupation which now I want.1 For this purpose I went to Carter and Hendee’s to see if I could not make a little acquaintance with them to this end.2 But I lost an hour. Read a little of Gibbon and then took a walk. I thought I would go down and see the new buildings going on in the North part of the town, especially the new Hotel built by Mr. Williams which is to be sure a pretty great establishment.3

Afternoon, reading Quinctilian but my progress was slow. I was thinking of other things. And my period of study was shorter than usual, inasmuch as it was the day we were invited to go to Mrs. Gorham Brooks’, a regular family party. Mr. and Mrs. Parkman, Miss Hall, and Miss Frothingham the only persons not immediately connected. I forget Mr. Shepherd. The time was not particularly agreeable but it did very well. Returned home at ten o’clock and had time to read the fifth book of the Odyssey over besides the usual numbers of the Guardian.


On an earlier plan to the same end, see above, entry for 19 Sept. 1831.


Carter & Hendee, at Washington and School streets, were publishers as well as booksellers and stationers ( Boston Directory, 1832–1833).


Perhaps the reference was to the Chelsea House, late the mansion house of Thomas Williams, located in Chelsea at the mouth of the Mystic River facing on Boston harbor, now greatly enlarged and improved, with spacious gardens, bowling alleys, and livery stables, ready for leasing beginning 1 April (Boston Daily Advertiser & Patriot, 26 Jan., p. 2, col. 6).