Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 31st.

Thursday. 2d.

February 1832 Wednesday. 1st. CFA


February 1832 Wednesday. 1st. CFA
February 1832 Wednesday. 1st.

Morning cool but on the whole quite fine. I went to the Office and from thence to perform some Commissions as well as to attend the Meeting of the Directors of the Middlesex Canal, and the subsequent one of Proprietors. There were very few members present and the business was transacted before I got there. I did not even discover whether I was re-elected a member of the Board. Not that I care any thing about it if I was not. Did little or nothing in the way of reading but took a good walk.

On returning home the first thing I perceived when within sight of my house was that the Kitchen Chimney was on fire. This alarmed me as my flue had never been sound. No damage was done although I found my fears realized as to the cracks in the flue at my study. We got off with the alarm but I felt as if I was paid for neglecting to sweep it. The circumstance was the more provoking as I had asked Mr. Brooks and Mr. Frothingham to dinner. The former returned home, but we did very well on the whole. I read a little and but little of Quinctilian.

Evening spent by invitation at Edward Brooks. Mr. B. and Gorham the only persons there. We had not a very remarkably pleasant evening. Returned at 10. Read a Book of the Odyssey and the Guardian.