Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 9th.

Saturday. 11th.

Friday. 10th. CFA


Friday. 10th. CFA
Friday. 10th.

The Child seemed so much more uneasy and in pain that I concluded to send for a Physician rather than be anxious about her so I called for Dr. Stevenson as I went to the Office. The day was a mild one. Passed my time here much more profitably than usual as I had time to do all my usual business and read a large extract from Gibbon beside. After spending two hours usefully in this way I always feel much better satisfied. Took a walk afterwards and returned home with an unusual feeling of elasticity. The Child had seen the Doctor and he had prescribed for her.

Afternoon, rather drowsy from the interruption of my night’s rest, but on the whole I managed to accomplish a good deal of Quintilian. After all the subdivisions of Rhetoric are too minute. A great deal must, be left to the feeling of the moment, which will prompt figures without a man’s knowing that they are so. The only instruction to any purpose is the knowledge how to add to their effect.

Evening, continued Hunt’s Book which becomes a little tedious after he quits his personalities against Byron. This is a sure sign that what is interesting in the book is scandal and detraction. The eleventh Book of the Odyssey took up an hour and a half of my time. After which I read two numbers of the Guardian. Steele carried on this latter publication almost entirely, alone. His Papers are some of them good but generally a little dry.