Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 10th.

Sunday. 12th.

Saturday. 11th. CFA


Saturday. 11th. CFA
Saturday. 11th.

Morning at the Office. A pleasant day after the Snow. I was engaged in Accounts and Journal until my Client Lyon came in who was very averse to settlement indeed but after reasoning and scolding, 238he paid the demand.1 I settled forthwith with my Employer and then went up to the Boylston Market for the purpose of making a record of the Annual Meeting of Monday last. It was so long that it took me until nearly dinner time. Returned home. The Child seemed to be much better.

Afternoon. Read Quinctilian continuing his Account of the various kinds of reasoning, the acting upon the Passions and the Peroration. My time flies and I do not know that I make the best of it.

Evening quiet at home. Read to my Wife Hunt’s singular character of Shelley and his love of generalities. I also read regularly a portion of the Bible which I do not mention because a repetition of so many duties seems too monotonous. I have some idea of making a Reform in my Diary. It began to rain and then poured violently through the night. Read the twelfth Book of the Odyssey and the Guardians.


Lyon, who was being sued by CFA for another, was CFA’s client only in the loosest, or possibly in an ironic, sense. See above, entry for 2 January.