Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 29th.

Saturday 31st.

Friday. 30th. CFA


Friday. 30th. CFA
Friday. 30th.

Morning cool but pleasant. I went to the Office as usual. Employed in my Accounts which I finished drawing up. They are on the whole favourable not containing any loss excepting this last one of Graves’ which is a bad business. I suppose it is not the fate of any one to steer totally clear of loss of some kind or other. The only thing is 1 to make them as few as possible. I have done my best and suppose that I have only my share. I did not get a chance to read much. Took a walk with Mr. Peabody. Afternoon, read a little of Spanish and Italian. The latter is on the whole, I think the easiest, or else I have an easier work to begin with. The Peruvian letters are french love letters. No Indians ever had any idea of such things. Evening, reading Eugene Aram and the life of Napoleon.


Word omitted in MS.