Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 30th.

Sunday. April 1st.

Saturday 31st. CFA


Saturday 31st. CFA
Saturday 31st.

I was very busy after I reached the Office today. I went over the Account which was already drawn up and after proving it’s correct-272ness, drew up an explanatory letter to my father.1 I recommended to him his future measures also, by which he might relieve himself of all further responsibility as it related to the legacy of the children. I do not know whether he will pursue my suggestions, but it seems to me that if he does, he may see light through his engagements, before long. If on the other hand, he should not he will only plunge himself deeper and deeper every moment. For he seems to have lost most of his interest in the management of Property. I waited at the Office until two o’clock for Mr. Angier to come and get his Money but he did not appear. The day was warm but blustering.

Afternoon. Copied my letter to my Father and settled with Mr. Angier by Checks which I drew for Monday. He remained half an hour in a matter that required only a few minutes. I felt the want of exercise so much that I consumed the rest of the Afternoon in a walk. Evening at home. Read Eugene Aram.


LbC, Adams Papers. On this letter see further, entries for 13 and 26 March, above.