Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. April 1st.

Tuesday. 3d.

Monday. 2d. CFA


Monday. 2d. CFA
Monday. 2d.

I went to the Office and passed my time rather lazily I suppose for I cannot account well for it. My Accounts however at the commencement of a Quarter always consume a great deal of time. I have so many branches and they extend into so many minute subdivisions that they run away with the hours. Perhaps it would be better for me if it was simplified but from some cause or other, I can not. It is as much as I can do if I keep a clear look out ahead, taking care above all things not to embarrass myself. This becomes every day more difficult. Demands for additional expense press upon me with unusual force. And I am only clear from the corresponding improvement of my Revenue. How long will this last? I hope, some time. Afternoon I went to a meeting of Directors of the Boylston Market but there was no Quorum so that I returned home and accomplished a little Spanish. Evening. Read a little of Eugene Aram to my Wife.