Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 2d.

Wednesday 4th.

Tuesday. 3d. CFA


Tuesday. 3d. CFA
Tuesday. 3d.

The days are generally clear but the air is extraordinarily cold still. We have as yet little that could be called pleasant weather. I went in a driving snow storm today to the South part of the town to collect Dividends for my Father and self, and I accomplished in the course of the morning, the collection of a considerable sum. But I was disappointed in the amount to be received. Insurance Stock is treacherous this year. My time at the Office was taken up very much in drawing up Accounts and balancing books. As to reading it seems to be totally laid aside. Nothing else of interest occurred. Afternoon quietly at home. I devoted my time to the Spanish and Italian as usual. Hours passed in so regular and unimportant a round of study can have little interest to any one. Evening at home as usual. Completed some Chapters of Eugene Aram.