Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday 4th.

Friday. 6th.

Thursday. 5th. CFA


Thursday. 5th. CFA
Thursday. 5th.

This was the day appointed according to custom for the keeping a general fast. A practice now somewhat nominal as the prosperity of the Country has been such that it is very unnecessary. The Clouds that seem now to be rapidly gathering over the political horizon may alter the case considerably.

I attended Divine Service in the morning and heard though I gathered little or nothing from a Sermon by Mr. Frothingham on repentance. Acts 3.19. “Repent ye therefore and be converted.” My attention is a capricious thing. It will not stick by a Speaker or a book unless constantly forced. I am training myself more and more but yet do not accomplish the whole.

I did intend to go again in the Afternoon but was caught by a Nap until over the hour. Read a considerable part of the North American Review for April which is unusually dull. Evening quietly at home.