Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 5th.

Saturday. 7th.

Friday. 6th. CFA


Friday. 6th. CFA
Friday. 6th.

The days are clear but exceedingly cold for the Season. The quantity of ice made at the North chills us through whenever the wind is from that Quarter. I went to the Office and was occupied all my time 275in making Leases, drawing Accounts and a Writ against the Graves’s. This to be effectual ought to have been done at first. Now I expect very little from it. Finished my bargain for my Horse and Chaise which I think on the whole a pretty fair one for the other party. Took a walk with Mr. Peabody.

Afternoon Rode to Quincy. Called at the House and arranged with Carr, the Tenant, then went to Mrs. Adams’. Transacted the little business I had up there. Conversed with her upon various matters relating to herself. And returned to town in time for rather a late Tea. Then went with my Wife and I. Hull, who came back today, to Mrs. Frothingham’s to hear the Church Choir perform some of their Music. They did a great deal better today. And some two or three pieces I was charmed with. But the voices are not good. Returned home early, but being fatigued omitted all but the Spectator.