Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 8th i.e. 9th.

Friday. 10th i.e. 11th.

Thursday. 9th [i.e. 10th.] CFA


Thursday. 9th [i.e. 10th.] CFA
Thursday. 9th i.e. 10th.

Morning clear. But the wind went round to the Eastward and kept the weather pretty chilly. I went to the Office and found my Article published in the Advocate. The Editor of this Paper has left town and this is probably the reason why they feel bold enough to give room for it on the outside of the Sheet.1 I believe I have seen enough of the Advocate for the present. My success in publishing is mortifying. When my Articles are not rejected, they are laid up for a while, issued with apparent indifference, and immediately forgotten. Yet on reading them over, it seems to me there is more spirit in them than one commonly finds in Newspapers. But this is probably my vanity. No man can possibly judge of his own writing. I must therefore come to the conclusion that this is not my line.

Read Gibbon. His account of Mahomet is quite interesting and instructive. As to any parallel with Jesus Christ however, the thing is totally absurd. Took a walk, calling again without success upon Mr. Watkins. After dinner I continued Sismondi finishing the account of Charlemagne. Quiet evening. I read besides my usual business a part of La Harpe’s Cours de Litterature.2


CFA’s communication to the Boston Daily Advocate replying to the article entitled “Political Prospects” in the Advertiser (see above, entry for 30 April) was signed “Q.” In the issue of the Advocate for 10 May it was placed at the head of column one on page one, a page given over largely to advertisements. Although the letter was largely directed against the effort to gain support for the candidacy of Henry Clay, it professed concern that what was being asked of the Antimasonic party was “Total sacrifice of every principle for which they have been long contending.” If the sentiments expressed represent more than an expedient antimasonry adopted for the occasion, they antedate by more than three months the firm position on the issue CFA arrived at after further study (see below, entry for 20 Aug.).


See vol. 3:13.