Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 9th i.e. 10th.

Saturday. 11th i.e. 12th.

Friday. 10th [i.e. 11th.] CFA


Friday. 10th [i.e. 11th.] CFA
Friday. 10th i.e. 11th.

Clear and tolerably pleasant day. After reading Vasari I went to the Office and was occupied as usual in reading Gibbon. This took up all my time excepting what I passed in walking and in Accounts. This latter is now a source of considerable embarrassment to me as my father’s concerns are extensive and my own are in need of watchful vigilance. This is tautology. Returned home.

Afternoon, went to Quincy. I. Hull accompanied me. I went over the Garden and gave all the necessary directions remaining in regard 296to the House. I believe, it is now perfectly ready to see the family at any time. From the report of Mrs. Kirke I conclude that it will be as well for me to go out there on the 23d or 4th of the month, taking my chance of their arriving. Returned home by seven. No letters. Quiet evening. I was tired so that I omitted Paley.