Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 10th i.e. 11th.

Sunday. 13th.

Saturday. 11th [i.e. 12th.] CFA


Saturday. 11th [i.e. 12th.] CFA
Saturday. 11th i.e. 12th.

A beautiful day. I went to the Office after reading a little of Vasari. Nothing of any moment occurred. I had two or three interruptions. Deacon Spear called from Quincy apparently only to talk. Some other persons for bills &ca. I was unable to read a word. Attended a sale of stocks at noon and found that manufactures were going downward. This is a severe blow to me as I had calculated upon a fair addition to my general income from my Cocheco Stock. But I cannot say that I have not had my eyes open to the probability of a fall in their value. The excessive importations make it probable that there will be but small profits for some time, and the Tariff is to be varied to finish the business. Walked with Mr. Peabody to E. Cambridge where I called for a Deed sent over last Summer and obtained, thus finishing a business which has been to be done a great while.

Afternoon. Rode to Medford with my Wife and saw Mrs. Frothingham there. Mr. Brooks dined in town. We remained a short time and returned. There is a loneliness about the House which would affect a great deal Mrs. Frothingham, I should think. She has been used to a large family and a bustling acquaintance. Evening quiet at home. The weather so warm, our windows were open, and it was very like Summer.