Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 18th.

Wednesday. 20th.

Tuesday. 19th. CFA


Tuesday. 19th. CFA
Tuesday. 19th.

Morning cloudy with wind from the North and occasionally rain. I concluded to stay at home. Occupied all my morning in reading and beginning another and a more Review like Article. Whether I shall be 317able to persevere remains yet a mystery. But the subject is a good one, and I every day reflect that I ought to be doing something. There is a pleasure in definite occupation which pays one independently of profit. The action of the mind is nourished and that of the pen improved, while the passage of time is hardly felt.

In the afternoon I began to read over Mr. Vaughan in connection with the other writers. I believe I shall attempt to make a plan something like this. In the morning to put to paper the reflection of the preceding day. And thus go on until I have finished the volumes, after which I may cut down or enlarge and arrange as I may see fit. The evening was uncommonly cold. I was at home as usual.