Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 19th.

Thursday. 21st.

Wednesday. 20th. CFA


Wednesday. 20th. CFA
Wednesday. 20th.

Morning clear but very cold for the season. In going to town, I felt the want of clothing even with my great coat. So upon arriving I went immediately to the house and put on my flannels. This I do with more willingness as I find it is recommended as a preventive against the Cholera, the approach of which seems to be much dreaded. The Boston people are in so much alarm that it will prepare the way finely for the disease. The Accounts from Canada are very indefinite. But it seems tolerably evident that the Country from the inundation of emigrants is suffering severely. I executed some Commissions, looked over Accounts and wasted my time a little, then returned to Quincy. The afternoon was passed reading Vaughan carefully. Evening as usual.