Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 20th.

Friday. 22d.

Thursday. 21st. CFA


Thursday. 21st. CFA
Thursday. 21st.

Fine morning. Indeed I do not know that in the course of the year we enjoy much pleasanter weather than this day. I remained quietly at home. And was occupied all my time in reading over attentively the work of Mr. Vaughan. I find that it is much easier for me to write down as I go along, so that I have given up my former scheme as long as I am engaged upon the first draught. After that, as I find my mind is certainly clearer in the morning, I believe I shall take that exclusively for writing.

I now see how much I lose in Boston from my habits of life. The morning, by far to me the most effective portion of the day, is there totally wasted in trifles. Cut up by piecemeal in odd jobs and profitless reading even when I do read. As I live here, on the contrary, it seems to me to be productive at least of a little benefit to myself and consequently of self-satisfaction. I take exercise of an agreeable kind 318in the Garden, and am on the whole, at present free from any particular anxiety. For all this I am grateful. Quiet evening.