Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 21st.

Saturday. 23d.

Friday. 22d. CFA


Friday. 22d. CFA
Friday. 22d.

A beautiful day. I remained at home again all day, and in the morning began a fair draught of my remarks after going through with the material parts of Mr. Vaughan’s book. I accomplished nearly five pages which I think I materially improved. And the passage of time was hardly perceptible to me.

My mother and Wife went into Boston in the Afternoon, but I concluded to remain. My Afternoon’s work did not however satisfy me quite as well as the morning. I read the Preface to Fox’s Historical Work,1 with which I was on the whole quite pleased. I also went down to the Wharf below Mr. Greenleaf’s and took a Salt-Water bath. The first this Season. The water was exceedingly pleasant. And I enjoyed myself much more than I had anticipated. The practice of moderate bathing, I believe to be one of the most wholesome possible.

Evening at home, all our evenings are peculiarly cold for the Season.


CFA’s bookplate is in two editions now at MQA of Charles James Fox’s History of the Early Part of the Reign of James II, both published in 1808, one at London and one at Philadelphia.