Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. 30th.

Monday. 2d.

Sunday. July 1st. CFA


Sunday. July 1st. CFA
Sunday. July 1st.

Clear morning but warmer than it has been. I was occupied in writing much of my time. Attended divine service in the morning and heard Mr. Whitney upon a future state. I was taken with so drowsy a fit that I could not pay any attention. In the afternoon I missed going from being asleep. This does not tell very much to my credit to be sure.

I read the very partial Account of Straffordā€™s Trial,1 and also the Chapter of Mr. Vaughan upon that subject. My opinion is on the whole pretty clearly made out. I drew off a little of it upon Paper, but did not please myself in this.

The Evening was far the warmest we have had. Mr. T. Greenleaf called in and passed an hour. He informed us of the passage of the Tariff bill through the House of Representatives.2


Since CFA was reading simultaneously several historians of the struggle between king and parliament whom he regarded as partial to the monarchy, the account of the trial of Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford, here referred to cannot be positively identified (see above, entry for 16 June).


Final action was taken by the House on 28 June and the bill approved by a vote of 132 to 65 (Daily National Intelligencer, 29 June, p. 3, cols. 5ā€“6. The text of the bill as passed was carried in the issue of the 30th, p. 2, cols. 1ā€“3).