Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. July 1st.

Tuesday. 3d.

Monday. 2d. CFA


Monday. 2d. CFA
Monday. 2d.

The weather is fine, but the continuance of the heat without rain is a trying thing for vegetation. I find many of the young trees which I have transplanted heretofore, begin to give evident signs of distress. One of my greatest vexations is the loss of so many fine young trees.

Went to town this morning and was occupied in drawing up Accounts for the beginning of the new Quarter. Struck my own balances and found my affairs just about as I expected. Had a little conversation 323with Mr. Peabody about this Tariff bill. He says it is a little more satisfactory to all parties than was expected. I hope it will not prove the bugbear that men’s imaginations have made it. Returned to Quincy.

Read in the Afternoon part of the book of Consolation to Marcia, and as my father is now likely soon to come home I thought I would set down and write. But I did not satisfy myself at all. It is very disheartening to labour so much with so little profit. Quiet evening at home.