Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 2d.

Wednesday. 4th.

Tuesday. 3d. CFA


Tuesday. 3d. CFA
Tuesday. 3d.

Another cloudy morning followed by a very bright day. I went to Boston again as it was about the commencement of the Quarter and persons might come in. There were but one or two however who did. My time was devoted as usual to a parcel of trifles. I walked down to the Old Theatre for the purpose of seeing some Pictures there for sale.1 The owner seemed disposed to puff them as exceeding fine, but I saw nothing in them attractive to me. He did not appear to meet with much success. Returned to the Office and then called to see Mr. Brooks with whom I passed twenty minutes in pleasant conversation. Then went back to Quincy.

Afternoon, I took a bath in the Salt water, read a little of Seneca, continued my article and read a little of Ludlow’s Memoirs.2 Evening quiet at home.


The sale of “elegant oil paintings” was advertised to take place “at the Saloon of the Federal street Theatre” (Boston Daily Advertiser & Patriot, 3 July, p. 3, col. 5).


The Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow, one of the regicides, was composed during his long exile spent at Vevay. Its first appearance was in an edition published there in 3 vols., 1698–1699. This is the edition now at MQA with JQA’s bookplate. Volume 3 of an Edinburgh, 1751, edition is among JA’s books at the Boston Public Library ( Catalogue of JA’s Library , p. 152).