Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 19th.

Saturday. 21st.

Friday. 20th. CFA


Friday. 20th. CFA
Friday. 20th.

Fine day. I did not go to town. It is marvellous how little attraction there is for me in the heated streets. And the less I go, the less I feel inclined to. Occupied in reading the second book of Thucydides in which I have been very much interested. The very clear sketch of the sea fight kept me reading much beyond the time I commonly devote. I also progressed a little and but a little with Sydney.

The probable return of my father also makes it necessary for me to change my situation. It is now nearly two months that I have had the study entirely to myself, during which time I have not been entirely idle. Perhaps I ought to have done more, considering the advantages 333I have in this collection of books. But on the other hand, though they make my progress seem small, it is well to resist the propensity to miscellaneous and desultory reading which would show it greater.

After dinner, I read but little of Seneca as in the first place I went to the bath and in the second my Wife wished to go to Weymouth, so I drove over there. Returned to tea but I felt unusually fatigued. After tea, my Mother, Wife, and I walked up to see Mr. T. Greenleaf and his family. No person was at home excepting Mrs. G. We remained a short time and returned before nine. I retired soon.