Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 20th.

Sunday. 22d.

Saturday. 21st. CFA


Saturday. 21st. CFA
Saturday. 21st.

A fine rain this morning, but it prevented my going to town as I had intended. Occupied in reading Thucydides, but I had a little touch of my headach, which prevented my pursuing studies very closely. Mrs. Frothingham with her brother Horatio came and spent an hour with us. They had nothing very new, but we were glad to see them execute their long talked of project. Afterwards I worked in the Garden.

Mrs. Adams sent home the old Journals which I. Hull had with him to copy, and I sat down and amused myself much in reading them.1 He went through a great deal in his life of various sorts of fortune. He saw much of the world, and considering his situation, got through exceedingly well. But there is a spice of truth in what his enemies said of him, that he came home from Europe somewhat tinged with their notions. Perhaps it may be as he says, but Republicanism is the fashion of the day and that admits of no recognized distinctions. Evening, I called at Mrs. T. B. Adams’.


JA’s diaries; see above, entry for 9 Nov. 1831, note.