Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. August 1.

Friday 3d.

Thursday. 2d. CFA


Thursday. 2d. CFA
Thursday. 2d.

I went to town. Read a little of Major Hordynski’s book and was engaged in a general examination of all my books of Accounts, which resulted in ascertaining their correctness. Little or nothing else material. The hours of the morning escape almost without any possibility of knowing how. Though in many respects the habit of coming to town is a very wasteful one, it has advantages in the exercise which it occasions.

Afternoon, I first went down to take a walk and a bath at Mr. Greenleaf’s Wharf. The water was pleasant, but the eel grass was troublesome and I did not stay long. On my return, Mr. A. H. Everett and J. B. Davis called from Boston with Dr. Parkman soon after. They remained all the afternoon and most of the evening. Their object seemed to be to inquire of my father the political prospects in Pennsylvania and New York which if it was, they certainly did not get much satisfied in.