Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 2d.

Saturday. 4th.

340 Friday 3d. CFA


Friday 3d. CFA
Friday 3d.

Remained at Quincy all day. More of a Summer feeling in this than I have experienced for some time. Read a considerable portion of Thucydides, containing the history of the affair of Pylus and the Island of Sphacteria which brought the People of Sparta instantly to terms. The mistake was the grasping for more on the part of the Athenians. This is perhaps one of the unfavourable features of Republics. Read some also of Sidney who argues from the badness of one to the goodness of another, which is hardly right. The extremes of Government are equally pernicious.

Afternoon, finished Seneca’s first book of Benefits containing all the common places relating to the manner of dispensing them. We had a brief shower after which I went and took a bath. I think I never felt the water more delightful nor saw it more clear. Engaged afterwards in copying. Quiet evening.