Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 15th.

Friday. 17th.

347 Thursday. 16th. CFA


Thursday. 16th. CFA
Thursday. 16th.

Morning cloudy but it did not rain. After consideration Mr. Brooks concluded to go down to Nahant with his daughters, and as I was somewhat singularly left out of the party, nolens volens, I was reduced to the alternative of making my own day in some way or other. Mr. Frothingham accompanied me to town.

My inclination was to go to Quincy, and Mr. Degrand, coming in on a little application which required consulting with my father, confirmed it. We had official notice today of the breaking out of the Cholera in Boston. Not much alarm though the general topic of conversation. Kirke came in about the Carryal1 which my father inclined to buy. He took me to see it and in that way consumed an hour. Reached Quincy to dinner.

Found my father and mother quite solitary and glad to see me so that I was paid for my decision. Mr. Brooks perhaps does not mean to hurt my feelings, yet he is always drawing lines between my Wife and myself which make my residence at Medford painful to me, and my recurrence to the kindness of my own Parents doubly delightful. Perhaps I have felt this instance a little too much, but it has been the strongest. I enjoyed myself far more than I should have done at Nahant. Quiet evening. Not having a copy of the Adventurer here I was compelled to omit my numbers.


A light one-horse carriage with seats for four or more persons ( Dict. of Americanisms : carryall).