Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 16th.

Saturday. 18th.

Friday. 17th. CFA


Friday. 17th. CFA
Friday. 17th.

Rain in the morning. I was in doubt as to what to do. Remained at Quincy until nearly ten o’clock when as it seemed to hold up I thought it best to start. My time was in this manner shortened in Boston very much. As there was no additional case of Cholera reported, the public seemed to be a little more quiet. Mr. Degrand called in and I purchased five shares of the Columbian Insurance Co. Stock, and the transfer was effected today. Two of these are on account of my father.1

Horatio Brooks accompanied me to Medford. I found the ladies had concluded not to go to Nahant yesterday, after I left there. So that I might have been saved my visit to Quincy. Mr. Brooks and Horatio went. There may have been other reasons for this change of resolution. I should regret it if I had prevented my wife from enjoying herself.

Quiet afternoon and evening. The weather cold. I read part of Mr. 348Canning’s life, Vol. 3d, in which he treats of the United States and the Colonial question. Also made up my numbers of the Adventurer.


Purchased at $115.25 a share as a part of CFA’s program to keep fully invested JQA’s funds that might shortly have to be paid to JA’s heirs (M/CFA/3).