Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday 25th.

Monday. 27th.

353 Sunday. 26th. CFA


Sunday. 26th. CFA
Sunday. 26th.

Fine Morning. I attended Divine Service all day and heard Mr. Green preach from the famous Address by Paul to the Athenians. This is the same man whom I heard on the 26 of February last, and have spoken of in this Journal. He sustained his reputation with me and perhaps increased it a little. His Sermons were somewhat Sectarian it is true, but his reasoning on the whole is good. His argument against the Trinity from the fact that Paul omits all notice of it in this explanation of Christianity to the Athenians, was curious and striking, though not conclusive.

Mr. Degrand came out and dined. In the afternoon, I continued my Analysis made of the Sermon on the Mount, without progressing very far. Evening, Mr. Beale came in. Conversation.