Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 26th.

Tuesday. 28th.

Monday. 27th. CFA


Monday. 27th. CFA
Monday. 27th.

Inasmuch as my horse was quite tired by the amount of his work during the last fortnight and as my occupations did not prevent me from indulging, I remained at Quincy all day. Time occupied in reading the remainder of the life of Cromwell. I have lost my interest very much in my undertaking. Probably the whole thing will end in nothing. My time here is now not at my own disposal. I have not the quiet which aided me so materially in the commencement of the Season. Yet it is with regret that I give up undertakings of this kind, for I am advancing in life and they are the only means by which I can make any corresponding advance of character.

Afternoon, resumed Seneca. This break occasioned by my absence has done me much mischief. In Seneca I have lost the thread and it is almost useless for me to go on. A studious man never should allow interruptions in his occupations unless he has so arranged them that they divide nothing in halves. Evening quietly passed at home. Nothing took place of any consequence.