Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 27th.

Wednesday. 29th.

Tuesday. 28th. CFA


Tuesday. 28th. CFA
Tuesday. 28th.

Fine morning. I remained at home very quietly all day. My time was taken up partly in writing a slight and poor beginning upon Cromwell, partly in drawing off a sketch of some ideas for the Newspapers. I did not succeed very well in either of these attempts from numerous interruptions which took place. Finished Mr. Noble’s sketch of the Protector with that of some of his family. He ought to have some credit for rearing his children carefully. They do not seem to have 354possessed any portion of his energy of character, and considering the temper of the nation, perhaps it was as well for them.

After dinner read a little of Seneca. My father seems now to begin to take interest in the biography of my Grandfather and to feel a disposition to file and arrange his Papers. If this should come to any thing I shall feel obliged to turn my attention again to them after having given them up some time since in despair.

Evening, I accompanied my Mother and Wife in visits to Mr. Whitney and his family, and to Mr. Miller’s. We got home by nine o’clock.