Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 4th.

Thursday. 6th.

Wednesday. 5th. CFA


Wednesday. 5th. CFA
Wednesday. 5th.

Fine morning. I arose feeling very unwell and my sickness did not abate for some hours. Indeed I do not know when my stomach has been so completely bouleversée as it was this morning. I am taught by this, first that I was very imprudent in my Diet, secondly, that I have been somewhat out of order, thirdly, that I drank more Wine than I ought and of an improper kind. It is rare that I find myself brought up to account on this score. And it is not a little astonishing to me that it should be at a time when prudence is essentially necessary to life. I was good for nothing all the morning and lost a pleasant dinner at which Dr. Waterhouse was present from Cambridge. Read a consider-358able portion of Stone’s book upon Masonry — A treatise which goes very far to sustain the whole principle of Anti-masonry.1 Evening. Conversation with my father upon it, until late. I retired to bed, taking Medicine and omitted the Adventurers.


William L. Stone’s Letters on Masonry and Anti-Masonry Addressed to the Hon. John Quincy Adams, N.Y., 1832, had been published in June (see Bemis, JQA , 2:294, and below, entry for 26 Nov.). The presentation copy from the author to JQA is at MQA.