Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 5th.

Friday. 7th.

Thursday. 6th. CFA


Thursday. 6th. CFA
Thursday. 6th.

As I felt somewhat under the influence of medicine, I concluded to remain quietly at home during the day, though contrary to my original intention. Time occupied first in finishing W. L. Stone’s book and then in reading irregularly with relation to Cromwell. My ideas are so totally out of method that I believe I must give the point up. Stone’s book has given me for the first time a clear idea of the nature and extent of the Morgan excitement. I do not wonder at it. I wonder much more that the Institution should have baffled it1 to so great a degree. I do not well make out how any fair minded man can read that book and not be astonished as well as shocked with the influence of Masonry.

Afternoon, I read a little of Seneca. Wrote a letter to I. Hull Adams in answer to one of last June2 and worked a little in the Garden.

Evening, read a little of Vidocq to the ladies, but he is un peu fort. Made up the numbers of the Adventurer.


That is, muffled or thwarted the excitement by confounding or concealing matters.


Both letters missing.