Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 7th.

Sunday. 9th.

Saturday 8th. CFA


Saturday 8th. CFA
Saturday 8th.

Fine morning. I went to town. Time passed at the Athenaeum and office. But I had no business to transact. The Tenants are as slow as ever. I amused an hour in reading a part of a late work of Chateaubriand upon French History.1 He is a Royalist of the Bourbon species. A man now for the second time undergoing an eclipse. A good writer and a sensible man, though imbued with the prejudices peculiar to his caste. I have taken up his book from a curiosity to know how he will treat the history of France in its ancient stages. A remarkable thing is that he says nothing of Sismondi.

Returned to Quincy. Read and finished the fifth book of Seneca discussing whether a father or connection is bound by the act of conferring an obligation upon a son or relative. All this is refining. Worked a little in the Garden.

Evening, read to the ladies some of Dr. Granville’s Journey to St. Petersburgh—A courtly physician.2


In the edition of the Oeuvres in 28 vols., Paris, 1826–1831, owned by the Boston Athenaeum, Chateaubriand’s “Etudes ou discours historiques” is begun in vol. 4, which CFA had borrowed.


Augustus Bozzi Granville, St. Petersburgh. A Journal of Travels to and from that Capital ..., 2 vols., London, 1828.