Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday 8th.

Monday. 10th.

Sunday. 9th. CFA


Sunday. 9th. CFA
Sunday. 9th.

Morning clear but day windy. I attended Divine Service and heard Mr. Lamson of Dedham — A good writer though not an attractive Preacher. He seems to have a good deal of sound sense conveyed in a simple manner. The first Sermon was upon progressive improvement, the other upon procrastination. But I cannot follow them. Somehow or other, I do not easily account for my time upon a Sunday although I am not sensible that I waste any.


Read in the Afternoon a Sermon of Mayhew upon Sobriety, being the first of a series addressed to young men.1 I was a little disappointed in it’s character though it is highly likely it was and is well adapted to the purpose which the Preacher had in view. Rode a little more than halfway into Boston to carry James Field, the son of my Child’s Nurse on his way. Returned before Sunset. Weather quite cool. Evening, I read a little more of Dr. Granville.


Jonathan Mayhew, Sermons to Young Men. JQA’s copy now at MQA is of the 2-vol., London, 1767, edition. All the sermons in the collection relate to the virtues associated with sobriety or the evils that accompany its opposite.