Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 3d.

Friday. 5th.

Thursday. 4th. CFA


Thursday. 4th. CFA
Thursday. 4th.

Fine morning. I rode to town feeling slightly unwell, though it did not disturb my comfort in the City. My time was engrossed as usual in a variety of occupations incident to the Accounts of my father and myself. Collected the Dividends due to T. B. Adams and myself upon the various kinds of Bank Stock we possess in small quantities. Arranged the charges on the different Stocks and collected some of the 373Rents due to my Father. Had a conversation with Mr. Peabody upon political affairs, by which I gather that Mr. Wirts prospects here at least are not very bad. The result of the Election remains to be seen. I think the prospect is but a dismal one as yet, although it looks infinitely brighter than it has done.

Returned to Quincy and passed the Afternoon in setting out and clearing out the beds of Downton Strawberries. There are enough to make a pretty ample supply if the vines are good bearers which I somewhat doubt.

Evening at home until eight o’clock when I walked up to Mr. T. Greenleaf’s whither my Wife and Miss Gorham had gone before me. Nobody there but Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Greenleaf, and the members of the family. Returned and read the Idler.