Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 4th.

Saturday. 6th.

Friday. 5th. CFA


Friday. 5th. CFA
Friday. 5th.

Fine morning. I remained at home, and after spending an hour at the Wharf in a vain attempt to catch some Fish, I returned and spent the rest of my morning in reading Lingard and working hard in the Garden. This is about the proper time to make the arrangements necessary for the future. I transplanted all that were necessary of the Downton Strawberry which now make a pretty large bed. Next year will settle the question whether they are worth cultivating. I made considerable progress in the History and am on the whole pretty well pleased. He does not appear to me to do more than show a favourable side, without twisting documents unfairly as Hume does. My father being engaged at the usual time of dinner — It was put off so that the day was very unequally divided.

I passed the Afternoon in paying visits to the Tenants at Penn’s hill and collecting their rents in which I was very successful. Mr. Degrand was here on my return. In the evening, the ladies and my father and I went to Mr. Daniel Greenleaf’s, where we passed a good deal of time without being very dull. Home early.