Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 19th.

Sunday. 21st.

Saturday. 20th. CFA


Saturday. 20th. CFA
Saturday. 20th.

Morning cloudy but it cleared away afterwards and became warm. I went to town with the intention of executing much, but did in fact exceedingly little. Disappointed by the non appearance of my Office boy. It seems he has retired probably in disgust with my irregular attendance in town. I was consequently unable to notify the Directors as usual nor to do any thing I intended. Called to see T. K. Davis. Found him engaged with E. Blake but they finished in a minute. Got entangled in a discussion of Anti-Masonry. A thing I did not feel disposed to at all. That is a subject that stirs the blood. Returned to Quincy.

Passed the Afternoon reading Bayle, and pasting labels. The after dinner in the Country is so short, very little can be done in it.

Quiet evening at home. Read the Speech of Mr. Webster, part the 2d. Afterwards, Lingard. Finished the reign of Edward the third. He condemns the claims of the Pope and distinguishes his temporal and spiritual character.