Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. 20th.

Monday. 22d.

Sunday. 21st. CFA


Sunday. 21st. CFA
Sunday. 21st.

Morning clear but mild. I attended Divine Service all day and heard Dr. Gray preach.1 I do not feel much interest in what he says. Indeed in the attention we pay to men, we are very much guided by the respect we pay to their character. Hence doubtless the origin of the Rule that an Orator must be a virtuous man. I have heard too much of the weaknesses of Dr. Gray to regard him in a proper light in the Pulpit. His afternoon Sermon was from the discourse on the mount, which is so often treated and so seldom fully considered.

Afternoon. Read two short Sermons in the English Preacher. One by Dr. Chandler on the Incurableness of Superstition which I did not think much of, and one by Dr. Hoadley upon the impossibility of serving God and Mammon, a good deal better.2 Evening, Mr. and Mrs. D. Greenleaf and Mr. Beale came in. Afterwards, read Lingard.


Dr. Thomas Gray of Jamaica Plain (JQA, Diary, 21 Oct.).


These sermons of Samuel Chandler and of Benjamin Hoadly, Bishop of Winchester, are in the fourth volume of The English Preacher.