Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 21st.

Tuesday. 23d.

383 Monday. 22d. CFA


Monday. 22d. CFA
Monday. 22d.

Morning cold and cloudy. I went to town although feeling quite unwell. I have of late years enjoyed my health so well that any thing like sickness is tedious to me. No office boy and disappointed in getting one. I therefore had to do most of my Commissions myself. Several persons called to settle bills and arrange matters agreeably to my orders. I concluded to go and see Dr. Stevenson and request him to mend my condition at once. He puts me upon a diet, with gentle medicine. Remained in town, but as he restricted me so much I thought it useless to dine any where.

Read the Pamphlet on the Poor Laws of England, published by the Society for the diffusion of useful knowledge,1 and spent an hour at the Athenaeum reading the various Newspapers. Thence to the Boylston Market to meet the Directors of the association. The business was to provide ways and means for the payment of the balance due on Account of repairs. Voted to borrow not exceeding three thousand dollars of the Washington Bank. It will about consume another Dividend. I started a little before sunset, but before I reached Quincy, the Storm was pretty high from the North East. I felt very sick from a head ach and general discomfort, and retired to bed early. Omitted the Idler.


Hints for Practical Administration of the Poor Laws, London, 1832, was a recently issued number of the Farmers’ Series in the Library of Useful Knowledge published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, London.