Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Sunday. 7th.

Tuesday. 9th.

Monday. 8th. CFA Monday. 8th. CFA
Monday. 8th.

Morning pleasant but with the wind rather Easterly. I read over my paper this morning and decided that it would do. Then to the Office. A good deal of time taken up in running round after a Carriage and Horses. I finally concluded my bargain with the man for the former and made an appointment with Mr. Forbes to try the latter at 5 o’clock p.m.

My father and mother both came into town. The former down to the Office. As he was sitting here Alexander H. Everett came in. His object to see me doubtless but when I intimated so, he turned it off. Conversation general, until he left and then my father went. Home to see my Mother. They dined with us, and of course I lost the greater part of the day.

Afternoon, went out and tried the pair of horses which I concluded to take. Evening engaged in reading Mr. Webster’s Speech and all the accompanying reasoning of the first Congress.1 Fatigued by the heat and exercise.


In the Senate on 16 Feb. 1835, Webster spoke in favor of the bill to repeal the Act of 1820 limiting the terms of service of certain officers, generally called the Executive Patronage Bill. The speech is recorded in Register of Debates in Congress , 11:458–470.