Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Monday. 8th.

Wednesday. 10th.

Tuesday. 9th. CFA


Tuesday. 9th. CFA
Tuesday. 9th.

My new number came out this morning. It will do.1 I was occupied in studying out the subject of my question. Then to the Office. Wilson came in from Quincy with Commissions and to take out the Carriage and horses. All this ran away with several hours. The remainder of my time taken up in arrears of Diary occasioned by my repeated absences and extraordinary occupation. I returned to the House early and was quite busy. But I have given up for the present Juvenal and Thiers and Deffand and Crabbe, all my relaxation to the business on hand.

Afternoon taken up in reading the Debates of the First Congress and the Patronage bill. My principal difficulty is in the value of my materials. The abundance of them is so great that I find it will require 155thought to arrange them. Evening, I wrote the beginning of my Argument upon Webster’s bill but it did not satisfy me. Retired fatigued.


The editor of the Advocate, in calling particular notice to CFA’s newest piece, wrote, “No. 8 of Political Speculation, is a thrilling appeal to every true patriot.... Let it be read with care and deep attention” (9 June, p. 2, col. 4).