Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Friday. 12th.

Sunday. 14th.

Saturday. 13th. CFA Saturday. 13th. CFA
Saturday. 13th.

The day was excessively warm. I read over and corrected No. 9 of Political Speculation and carried it down to the Advocate Office for publication. Then to my own Office to write up a little of Diary and to bring up Accounts in which I have for the most part lost my interest. I did not remain long but returned home and continued work upon my Appeal which must now be begun and prosecuted without intermission. The examination of old authorities is perhaps the most laborious part of the whole business. I wrote steadily until one o’clock when my father came in and shortly after my Mother with little Fanny. They were to go for a sitting to Durand.

I shortly after dressed myself and proceeded with my father to Medford to dine according to invitation. His Peter C. Brooks’ annual dinner to the Trustees of the Agricultural Society. T. L. Winthrop, Josiah Quincy and his son, E. H. Derby, B. Guild, John Welles and a son in law elect by name Hunnewell, Mr. Stetson, B. Gorham, E. Everett, Commodore Downes of the Navy, Mr. Frothingham, Edward Brooks, my father and myself. The dinner was quite pleasant and the atmosphere much aided by a purifying thunder storm. Mr. Gorham was peculiarly pleasant and as it seemed to me a little pointed in his attention to my father and myself. But this might be mere imagination. We returned to town and reached home by tea time after which my father returned to Quincy with the family. I worked a little.