Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Thursday. 11th.

Saturday. 13th.

Friday. 12th. CFA Friday. 12th. CFA
Friday. 12th.

Finished my draught of Political Speculation by a Whig Antimason No. 9 and last. I am about to take up a new tack. My plan is to go to the Office and do all work absolutely necessary after which home and 157work. The Newspapers are all full of allusions to my numbers which have at last roused public attention. This is the cast of the die with me. Called upon Mr. Brooks and T. K. Davis. Told the latter of my Authorship at which he was astonished. I devoted the remainder of the day to a redraught of No. 9, which puts off the publication until next week and gives me time to go on with the new series which is to be an Appeal from the new to the old Whigs against the Patronage bill. In the mean time all my studies, and occupations of every sort are stopped.