Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Wednesday. 10th.

Friday. 12th.

Thursday. 11th. CFA


Thursday. 11th. CFA
Thursday. 11th.

Cloudy morning but it afterwards cleared away. I went down to my Office but only for a short time. Called at the Advocate Office and at the Athenaeum to get books. Found a three column reply to my last number in the Centinel.1 The pieces produce an effect. I returned home and without much effort wrote a reply to this long winded Article. It took me my morning.

I had engaged to take Alex. H. Everett out to Quincy today to dine and accordingly at one o’clock he called at my house and we started in my Gig. Nobody there but Mr. Durand. He has got a good head of my father and a very good one of little Fanny.2 Pleasant dinner. Afterwards, Messrs. Minott Thayer, T. W. Phillips and Whitney of Deerfield, members of the General Court paid a visit which took the rest of the Afternoon. Returned home at seven o’clock.

Mr. Everett’s object in seeing me is what I took it to be, to discuss the state of Political affairs, which we did. I found that he agreed pretty well in sentiment with my argument, and accordingly I suggested to him a plan of operations like that described in Saturdays Diary. He objected to the vehicle of the Advocate and seemed to have on his side an idea of a new Paper. I can easily see his motive which is bread. I regret it, but was obliged to tell him that I could come into no arrangement built upon the ruins of the Advocate. Thus we parted and I think my scheme has failed. Short evening. Continued writing.


P. 2, cols. 2–4.


See notes 1 and 2, respectively, to entries of 18 May, above, and 29 June, below.