Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday 27th.

Friday 29th.

Thursday. 28th. CFA


Thursday. 28th. CFA
Thursday. 28th.

Morning at the office. I had not been there long before my father came in. I did not observe him very closely but he was somewhat agitated, I recollected after he had told me my Wife was unwell and wished to see me. I went directly back to the House and found her in a sort of fainting fit. She was sensible, but her extremities were cold and she looked as if she had no blood in her. I was frightened more from the unusual circumstance and the want of medical assistance, than from the thing itself. Dr. Bigelow was nowhere to be found, nor any other physician excepting a young Dr. Ellis who came to our assistance. He gave her an emetic which gradually relieved her. She has been ever since our return complaining of a sound in her ears, which proceeds doubtless from great weakness. I did not leave her until Bigelow came who relieved us from further uneasiness. He recommended quiet and a few days postponement of our departure to Quincy. He ascribes her condition entirely to her sickness which has been a very 60exhausting one. The incident disabled me from much active occupation.

My father dined at Mr. T. L. Winthrop’s.1 My afternoon was divided between him and my Wife. Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham and Mrs. Gorham Brooks came in shortly after he left and sat for a short time with her. After which I went down to Mr. Frothingham’s where they were after leaving here, and tried to forget my anxieties in an hour’s conversation.


On Thomas Lindall Winthrop, see vol. 5:25.