Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 28th.

Saturday. 30th.

Friday 29th. CFA


Friday 29th. CFA
Friday 29th.

Abby got up and came down stairs to breakfast but the effort was too much for her, and she escaped another faint turn only by a rapid retreat, to bed. The Dr. came in and advised to nourishing diet and wine. Her complaint is debility, nothing more positive. I went to the Office late. Occupied with my Diary which does not get on quite as fast as I expected. Mr. Sparrel called in and I discussed with him the objections to his plan which he very goodnaturedly listened to. He has drawn too large and I fear much too expensive one for my means. He took it home to revise according to my suggestions.

At half after twelve, returned home to see how Abby was and to decide whether to execute an engagement to go and dine at Medford. The weather threatened rain but I concluded to go, particularly as I had engaged Mr. Frothingham to go with me. We were fortunate to have no inconvenience. There were at table, Gorham Brooks and his Wife, Horatio, P. C. Jr. and his Wife,1 Mr. Brooks and ourselves. The dinner rather pleasanter than usual but it was too cold to enjoy the Country much. The season has not been a propitious one. We returned home by seven or eight. And I spent the evening in writing Diary. My mother came in to see Abby but returned before I got home.


Horatio Brooks was the youngest of ABA’s brothers; P. C. Jr., or “Chardon,” had married Susan Oliver Heard; see vols. 2:153–154; 3:4.