Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Saturday. 30th.

Monday August 1.

Sunday 31st. CFA


Sunday 31st. CFA
Sunday 31st.

Morning pleasant but rather warm. I passed an hour in writing and then attended divine service and heard Dr. Pearce of Brooklyne preach.1 His Sermons were rather sensible but somewhat in the old fashioned manner. I listened to the morning one pretty well but did not resist drowsiness in the afternoon. This was partly owing to the fact that Mr. Walsh dined with me and my mother came in to pass the day. I passed the half hour I usually devote to sleep in conversation with her. Mr. Walsh seems much as usual, with as little occupation and as little hope of any. He keeps up his courage considering, these bad prospects. I also read in the course of the day a discourse of Dr. Barrow, being the third upon the Apostle’s creed, and in continuation upon the text of the last—The cause and effects of faith. Nothing farther today which passed off rapidly as they all do.


On Rev. John Pierce, see vol. 3:269.