Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 31st.

Tuesday 2d.

Monday August 1. CFA


Monday August 1. CFA
Monday August 1.

Morning pleasant. My horse has come in, but as I suspected something has happened to him which takes off materially from my convenience. His leg has got in very bad condition partly I suppose from neglected diet and partly from carelessness. I went to the Office. My Wife however appears to gain strength so fast that we shall be able to get into the Country in a day or two, perhaps tomorrow. My time taken up in matters of business, examining accounts and calculating for future payments. The Quincy Stone Bank has called very unexpectedly for the remainder of it’s capital. This renders it necessary for me to make some arrangement. Most fortunately a rise in the value of the State Bank Stock in consequence of their sale of the building they have occupied, has enabled me to see a way clear without the to me disagreeable resort of borrowing. Afternoon at home busy upon Diary. Evening, sat with my Wife. As yet I have resumed none of my usual occupations, feeling rather unsettled. But I hope to do so at least in part after I shall have established myself at Quincy.