Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 7th.

Tuesday 9th.

Monday 8th. CFA Monday 8th. CFA
Monday 8th.

Morning pleasant. I remained at home. Occupied for the most part in writing Diary. The long entries upon the Journey make this fatiguing and yet I am hardly willing to abridge them because Journies are the only parts of a record like this that are worth remembering. My residence here has as yet so little worthy of record that I do not know what to say. I have hardly opened a book and have done little else than written a little and rambled about a good deal. When this goes over I 67shall try to resume my daily reading of Livy and to work a little upon the papers which remain of my grandfather’s collection. This with the reflecting and superintending my building will be all I can expect. For the season is now pretty well advanced.

Afternoon completed the marking out of my lot. I do not know how much land I have taken, but it looks a little large. My wish is not to encroach upon my father’s kindness, and take a Lease of any further land in case I should have any disposition to improve it. I am perfectly satisfied with the site. Evening at home.