Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 8th.

Wednesday. 10th.

Tuesday 9th. CFA Tuesday 9th. CFA
Tuesday 9th.

Morning tolerably pleasant but cold. I went to town. Found my plan as it had been modified by me and went over it carefully again. The question of the portico is the most embarrassing one. I sent to the Carpenter whom I am inclined to employ Mr. Ayer, to come and see me to converse upon the matter, on Saturday. Saw Mr. Degrand and made an arrangement with him as to the investment of some money which my engagement with Elizabeth C. Adams had left on my hands. Saw Mr. Alexander H. Everett with whom I had some little conversation.1 Nothing further. Returned to Quincy. Afternoon called at Mr. Beale’s for the purpose of making settlement of the balance remaining due to Mrs. Kirk.2 I took this money only for the sake of preservation and of adding to it, and inasmuch as Mr. Beale proposes to pay it into the Bank for her, I am very glad to give it up. I then met Mr. Price Greenleaf who asked me to go down with him to his father’s and see the plan of the land called the Hancock Lot which the Trustees had adopted.3 I had wished to see this and have the use of it in drawing out our own plan. But Mr. T. Greenleaf, his father, who had it was not at home, so I rambled over his garden, saw many of his fruit trees which look to me poorly and then returned home. In the evening he came down, and passed an hour, bringing the plan with him.


On Alexander Hill Everett, see vol. 5:xv–xvi.


Elizabeth Kirk and her husband, John, had been long in the service of LCA and JQA; on their current situation and on CFA’s management of their savings, see vol. 6:32–33, 149, 403.


That is, the trustees of the Adams Temple and School Fund, on which see vols. 3:xi–xii; 4:x.