Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 8th.

Saturday 10th.

Friday. 9th. CFA Friday. 9th. CFA
Friday. 9th.

A summer’s day with the wind at west and a lovely breeze. The changes which take place every twenty four hours are astonishing. I 90remained quietly at home all day and was occupied very steadily. Read Livy in the twenty seventh book, the account of the most gloomy period of the Punic War for the Romans after the death of Marcellus and when the two Carthaginian armies were in Italy. I also wrote an article being the fourth to the unpledged voters. The third is not published as yet and I strongly suspect does not very well suit the taste of the Editor. I feel somewhat of a desire soon to withdraw myself from the unprofitable contest of politics. But before I do it, my desire is to put upon record my opinions exactly as I hold them. My course during the time that I have attempted to lead the sentiment of the people through the Newspapers, has been one of a decided and yet a moderate nature. And while unwilling to identify myself with the excesses of Mr. Hallett, I have tried my best to prostrate his opponents. How much remains to be done, time must show.

Afternoon busy in assorting the MS papers in which I made a little progress. This must be more assiduously followed up. The ladies took tea at Mrs. T. B. Adams, and my father and I walked up in the evening. We found there Mrs. Foster with Mr. and Mrs. Boyd. The weather changed suddenly again and we had rain with a very dark walk home.